Tonev Limousines, Atlanta's premier limo company 404 914 5525   Prom Contract Agreement Dear parent or guardian, the bellow policies are specifically designed to help ensure your teenager's prom night is both safe and enjoyable. Our policies regarding drugs and alcohol comply with the applicable laws in the State of Georgia. We appreciate you assisting us in reviewing the following regulations with your son/daughter. 1. All pick-up and drop-off locations must be predetermined and/or approved by the parent or guardian executing this agreement. Your chauffeur will be instructed to obtain permission of a parent or legal guardian in the event of any changes to the itinerary. A contact phone number must be provided to your chauffeur on or prior to the date of service in the event of any questions. 2. At all times the privacy divider in the limo will be locked open. (If Applicable) 3. The following are strictly prohibited and any violation thereof is subject to immediate termination of our service. Smoking, tobacco or any other substance which is prohibited by law, inside our vehicles; Drinking alcoholic beverages of any type inside our vehicle is prohibited; Carrying and/or storing alcoholic beverages of any type inside our vehicle are prohibited; Consuming any type of illegal drug is prohibited; Having intimate relations in our vehicle is prohibited; Hanging any portion of body out of the windows or moon roof is prohibited; Vandalizing, damaging, staining, breaking any part of the vehicle, including the interior, exterior as well as glasses and other items in or on the vehicle are prohibited and subject to additional charges for repair/replacement of damages; Carrying weapons of any kind inside or around our vehicles is prohibited. Note: In the event of any violations of the rules specified above, our chauffeur will immediately terminate your limousine service. All passengers will be dropped off at the initial pick-up point. Also in the event of any cancellations on the day of limousine rental, the total contracted price will be charged. Additional cancelation charges may be added accordingly to your original service contract. No refunds are given and all deposits are non refundable. Service Terms and Conditions - Prom Contract Agreement Updates Tonev Limousines reserves the right to make changes, amendments, updates to this Service Terms and Conditions Contract at any time without previous notice or acknowledgement from both parties (Client and Limousine Service provider). It is Clients' responsibility, to obtain the latest version of this Service Terms and Conditions Contract as well as any amendments to it, for their references. Statement: I The Client fully agree and understand Tonev Limousines' Prom Contract Agreement above. MCA#501021 Sitemap
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