Tonev Limousines, Atlanta's premier limo company 404 914 5525   Contract Amendment: NOTICE:  THIS AMENDMENT TO THE MAIN CONTRACT MAY BE CHANGED, UPDATED, REWORDED OR REMOVED AT ANY TIME. IT IS CLIENT'S OBLIGATION TO BE INFORMED WITH THE MOST UP TO DATE CONTRACT. PROHIBITED ITEMS AND ACTIONS: These are objects / items and actions which must not be associated with any of our services and vehicles for hire. Therefore these objects / items and actions are prohibited from surrounding or entering our cars. We do not provide or import the following objects / items and actions on our business premises: ILLEGAL DRUGS (DRUGS OR SUBSTANCES PROHIBITED BY US GOVERNMENT). SMOKING WEED (MEDICAL OR ILLEGAL) AS WELL AS SMOKING ANY OTHER ILLEGAL SUBSTANCE PROHIBITED BY US GOVERNMENT. SMOKING CIGARETTES OR CIGARS OF ANY TYPE. ANY TYPE OF WEAPONS (GUNS, RIFFLES, KNIFES, SEMI OR FULLY AUTOMATIC GUNS, HEAVY ARTILLERY), WITHOUT FULL DISCLOSURE AND PROPER CLIENT'S LICENSING. HAVING INTIMATE RELATIONS INSIDE OR AROUND OUR VEHICLES. HANGING ANY PORTION OF BODY OUT OF THE WINDOWS, OR LEANING ON THE EXTERIORS OF OUR VEHICLES. BREAKING / VANDALIZING / DAMAGING / MODIFYING ANY PART OR THE OUR VEHICLE(S) BY ANY PASSENGER ENTERING OR SURROUNDING OUR VEHICLES WILL BE CHARGED TO THE CLIENT'S ACCOUNT / FINAL INVOICE / CREDIT OR DEBIT CARD PROVIDED. THE TOTAL AMOUNT CHARGED REFLECTED BY ACTIONS LISTED ABOVE, SHALL BE IN FULL AND BEYOND FULL MARKET VALUE.  PETS ARE PROHIBITED UNLESS FULL DISCLOSURE IS PROVIDED AND MANAGEMENT DEPARTMENT OF TONEV LIMOUSINES APPROVES THE REQUEST.  FOR ANY EXCESSIVE DIRT OR HUMAN SPEW IN THE VEHICLE DUE TO ANYBODY'S SICKNESS - A MINIMUM CHARGE OF $750 WILL BE ADDED TO YOUR FINAL INVOICE. ADDITIONAL NOTICE: All damages caused by the Client or any associated passengers with the Client, will be responsibility of the Client to pay for them in full or beyond full market value. Service Terms and Conditions - Contract Amendment Updates Tonev Limousines reserves the right to make changes, amendments, updates to this Service Terms and Conditions Contract at any time without previous notice or acknowledgement from both parties (Client and Limousine Service provider). It is Clients' responsibility, to obtain the latest version of this Service Terms and Conditions Contract as well as any amendments to it, for their references. Statement: I The Client fully agree and understand Tonev Limousines'  the Contract Amendment above and also agree to pay any damages caused by me or my entourage. MCA#501021 Sitemap
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